Vintage Hairstyling Sculpture Curler for Pin Curls


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Vintage Hairstyling Sculpture Curler for Pin Curls

The sculpture curler is the number one tool for heat-free pin curl styling. It is made from durable plastic, and can create rolls, ringlets, soft curls, and pin curls without frizz or fuss. The detailed booklet that comes with the tool will teach you everything you need to know to achieve your ideal vintage hairstyle.

How to use:

  1. Separate a lock of hair, slip the curler-comb end of the pin curler into the hair at scalp and comb through to the VERY ENDS OF THE HAIR
  2. Roll the lock of hair on curler all the way back to the head. Also see specific instructions for doing under curls and up curls.
  3. Turn curler up on end, give a tightening turn and remove: Pin curl in place flat to head.

Bonus booklet:

  • Hair care information for dry and oily hair
  • How to make Up Curls  ( pin curls rolled up away from the face for creating those upswept formal hairstyles )
  • How to make Under Curls ( pin curls rolled under towards the face, used to create “ Page Boy” and those long bob hairstyles )
  • How to make sculpture pin curl
  • Tips for long-lasting curls
  • Tips for parting head for hairstyling
  • Setting and styling instructions for 4 fabulous 1940s hairstyles